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5 Reasons why Computer Science Students should join Android Summer Training Programs.

5 Reasons why Computer Science Students should join Android Summer Training Programs.

We are living in the world where Smartphones are ruling the tech world, and Google’s Android is ruling the Smartphone world. Android is powering almost 300 brands of Smartphone, 90 brands of tablets and 3 E-Readers. Every Single day around 1.5 million new Android devices are activated. And the App Store has around 1.5 million apps with the number increasing very swiftly.

Well, here are some interesting reasons that talk much about Android development and its benefits for aspiring developers.


Reason 1 –  It’s Open Source Code

Android is an open source platform, which means, you have the access to everything you need and you may create anything you want. Learn it, code it, use it, sell it. There is no one asking you.


Being open source is what the most amazing part of Android operating system. More than ever, many electronic manufacturers including HTC, Samsung and Asus have got the access of the code that makes it really easy for them to use this OS in their smartphones!


Reason 2 – Earning through Apps

Around 60% of the apps in Google Play Store are free, but think about other 40%. Yes, Google allows you to sell your apps through App Store, and you can make money with each download. Now do a simple math – what if you charge $1 from each user, and only 0.01% of total Android users download your app? Okk, let me first tell you, there are 1.4 billion Android users in the world.

Now do this simple calculation.

$1×0.01%x1,400,000,000 = $140,000

This is your earning,


Reason 3 – Google Play Store is the Largest App Market

Every since the key player in the online domain, Google rolled out its own play store, the excitement of installing & checking out a new app has grown up multifold. There was a time when consumers were looking up to the iTunes Store from Apple. It’s not hard to speculate that getting an iPhone was nearly impossible, however with Google play store, getting an app of your choice has become an easy task.

With over 2.2million active apps and thousands of new being added every single day, Google Play Store has the potential that no one else has. The better part is – if you are good with app development, you have multiple channels of earning. Play Store pays you for your apps and you may also make money with your apps.

Reason 4 – Handsome Salaries

Android developers top the list of highest paid professionals in IT industry. With a whopping 6-digit salary within a couple of years, it’s sure to give your career the extra shine and life that extra luxury. Why wait for years after years to reach that desired milestone when you can get there within a couple of years?

Reason 5 – Huge Demand in Job Markets

Web development is so last year. This is the time of mobile apps. Every web development company, or last-year web development company, has entered into app development industry and these companies need skilled Android developers to create those apps. Apparently, there is no lack of opportunities for an Android app developer when it comes to find a job. You have that skills, and companies will do anything to hire you.


You know what; Android’s marketing is getting bigger and bigger. It has got an interesting revenue model. A number of companies have facilitated a dedicated team for app development with fast-paced hiring. The biggest advantage of learning Android App development is that you can either choose to work regular or as a freelancer. Likewise, if you master developing apps through Android, it becomes easy for you to develop apps for other OS as well. Glocal Technologies Provides Android Application Development training in Lucknow in association with industry experts so that students will get maximum real time experience.


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