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The Future Of Android Application Development In Lucknow

Android is an open-source Linux-based operating system designed mainly for smart phones and tablets. It is maintained as an open source project by Google. This open source code and licensing allows the developers and device manufacturers to modify the software according to their needs. Android platform has brought about cutting-edge technologies in app development


With the increase in the number and make of mobile phones, there comes a demand for better applications. And in turn, huge scope of android mobile application development in Lucknow. Now, this puts a light on why companies like Nokia, BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Google and many others are going wild with their innovations – increase in the need and use of Mobile Applications.


Retooling one’s skills with professional Android training is critical to success. Prospective app developers often face this impediment. Robust Java and HTML knowledge is important. Those who have a leg-up are those already involved in deep object oriented development. It is easy to transition to user interface designing and applying design patterns from here. But for those unfamiliar with object oriented concepts can always take-up a course and get up to speed.



One of the main reasons for this is that software as a service is highly cost effective. Before the acceptance of Android, the mobile app development industry was dominated by Proprietary OS like Symbian and iOS. With Android, came the option for dynamic app development at a lower cost. When thinking of the scope of Android Application Development in India, we can take these three primary notions into consideration:


  1. Ease of use – Learning Android Programming is fairly easy and app development is cost effective. Any software developer who can think out of the box will be able to put Android into extraordinary use.


  1. Revenue – The need for inventive App Developers are increasing in the current job market. Mobile application development can also be taken up as a part time job, where you can create your own applications and submit it to the Google Play store which can be downloaded. Google adsense ads can be displayed in your application which again provides monetary gains.


  1. Support – The most important attraction of Android is backing by Google.
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