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Summer Training Program in Lucknow – Shiksha360

Summer Training Program in Lucknow – Shiksha360

Summer Training Program comes a great opportunity for computer science students to develop new skills and improve career opportunities. Student have a lot of time to work on new projects, learn new technologies and improve skills. Summer training programs are a great way of utilizing these holidays and develop hands-on learning experience in Android App, Web project and Software Development.

Shiksha360 allow students to accumulate latest skills in an interesting manner, unlike regular classroom training programs. The programs are designed in such a way that students learn by building interesting projects in real world scenarios. This will help students clear their concepts and develop new innovative ideas.

The Summer Training Program from Shiksha360 includes many Jobs Oriented Training Courses by Excellent Professional Team which have 8+ years industry experience. All the Summer Training Programs in Lucknow will include a lot of practical sessions where you will work hands-on and develop real world projects.

These programs have classes for 4 hours a day. In the 4 hours, students will be guided to work on several technologies involving hardware and software. Sufficient guidance will be given to them during this time to help them in all stages.

At the end of the program students would be getting certificates by Reputed Pvt. Ltd. Company. All Shiksha360 certificates are generated by our Certificate Generation System and will come with unique numbers. These certificates can also be verified online by anyone (including recruiters/ faculty)

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